GONZO is a British jewellery studio from Abigail Asher. After receiving a First Class Bachelor of Arts at the Manchester School of Art & completing a postgraduate residency for Jewellers & Silversmiths at the Bishopsland Educational Trust, she is a current member of the Starter Studio Programme at the Yorkshire Art-Space, Sheffield. 

With a background in textiles & three-dimensional design, Asher takes her inspiration from an eclectic mix of renaissance period decorative richness; contrasted with modern,
industrial objects of utilitarian design. Her designs are further influenced by distinctions of social class & the visual contradiction of these opposing cultures.


Sheffield Assay Office

Precious Little Gems Commission. 2019​

The Pearson Silver Collection

Silversmith Caddy Spoon Of The Year. 2018

Goldsmiths Company

Silver Bursary Award. 2017